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What Is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is an underrated crucial step in applying ceramic coating to a vehicle. If the paint is not in a like new state then all the ceramic coating will do is adhere to the imperfections that your paint already has, which ultimately defeats the purpose. But what exactly qualifies for paint correction services? Simply put, paint correction is the process of fixing damage to the paint of your car in order for the ceramic coating to be applied correctly. Damage can occur to the paint on someone’s car whether they recognize it or not. To the untrained eye one might think that the paint on their car is still flawless, when there are actually swirls and scratches, or it is possible that there are clear blemishes on your car. Luckily as long as the actual paint hasn’t been damaged it can still be repaired.

In order for the ceramic coating to fully protect your vehicle it needs to be able to adhere and bond to the paint, which isn’t possible with blemishes in your topcoat. The good news with paint correction is that it is more than likely that the scratches are only on the top layer of paint, or your clear coat. Therefore, your actual paint hasn’t been damaged and can be repaired. However, this does mean that the more scratches that accrue on the topcoat the more likely that your actual paint will be damaged.

In order for your car to go through the paint correction process there are a few different options depending on how severely the paint needs to be repaired. Once a small amount of the topcoat has been removed, the paint can officially be repaired with the appropriate polishing machines to repair and level out the surface. Only then can the ceramic coating be applied successfully. The best thing you can do to help the longevity of your ceramic coating is to get your car appraised and make sure that the paint is fixed if necessary.

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