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Our “Hall of Shame” Gallery was made to show our customers the potential dangers of the window film industry. There are many installers of window film that are here one day and gone the next. They sell low quality cheap films. The customer has no idea of this until it’s too late.

Have you ever seen a window tinting job gone bad?  Purple? Bubbling? Cracking?

We see it all the time. Some customers shop around and go with the cheapest window tinting service in town only to get a result that lasts only a year or two or even just MONTHS. After their film fails, they contact us to have it removed and reinstalled with our high quality Llumar window film that will outlast the lifespan of the vehicle in most cases.

We try to tell our customers that the cheapest always ends up being the most expensive for them in the long run. This is because the customer pays to have the window film installed, then the customer pays to have the window film removed, then the customer pays to have our Llumar film re-installed. After all that, the customer has paid THREE- FOUR TIMES more to get the final job done right. This could have all been avoided had the customer chosen a quality film in the first place.


The old saying still lives up today… “You get what you pay for”.

At Precision Tint, we sell the highest quality films in the Kansas City Area with a lifetime warranty. We provide you with a warranty card to have on record good at over 3,000 Llumar Dealers across the country should you ever need to use it. We use the highest quality window film in the Kansas City Area.


We have tinted TENS OF THOUSANDS of vehicles with our Llumar window films with 0 Failures.

We have a lot of knowledge of the window film industry and are happy to help you find on best choice for your vehicle.

Here Are A Few Examples Of Poor Window Film We Have Removed And Replaced

kansas city window tinting vehicle
overland park kansas window tinting car
window tinting kansas city
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