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Exterior & Interior Detailing

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Exterior Detail

If you’ve been searching ‘best Kansas City Exterior Detailing’, then look no further. Here at Precision Tint, our expert staff will make your car feel like you just drove it off the lot. Our Exterior Detail package is an excellent value and more than a regular car wash. If you need to refresh your vehicle’s look, let our friendly professional staff take care of your needs. Your car will drive away shining to perfection. For the best Kansas City detailing service you can find,  you’ve found it here at Precision Tint. Come see us today to feel as good as your car will look when we’re done with it.

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Benefits Of Detailing Your Car

Prevent excess wear and tear – When you neglect to clean the inside of the vehicle, inner surfaces could develop excess wear and tear. Dust, dirt, and spilled particles can wear away at upholstery and other interior surfaces. In order to keep the inner space of the car in good shape for as long as possible, you need to clean it regularly.


Avoid health issues – Whenever you get behind the wheel of the vehicle, you enter in a closed environment. If your car is filled with dirt and dust, these substances could make poor air quality. Detailing the interior will help you avoid allergies and other issues that can be associated with low indoor air quality.


Increase driving safety – If the windows, windshield, and side mirrors are covered with debris, they’ll affect your ability to see your surroundings during driving. Therefore, cleaning the exterior of these surfaces is critical for visibility, and overall driver’s safety.


Stain removal and prevention – There’re many different surfaces in the car, and they’re comprised of all kinds of materials. Leather, vinyl, fabrics, carpeting, and plastics of various types make the inside of your vehicle looks nice. Having interior detailed regularly will address all those unsightly stains, big and small, and also prevent them from occurring with the application of the proper cleaning and maintenance products for each of the surfaces in the car.


Retain vehicle’s value – In case you sell your car in the future, it’s a good idea to set up regular detailing appointments. By detailing your vehicle, you’ll preserve the value of your vehicle. A car that is in proper cosmetic condition will be more appealing to buyers.


Protect upholstery – If you don’t have window tinting, sun damage can be a problem since the ultraviolet rays are intense, especially in the summer. It means more intense rays are coming into the vehicle, and it can damage the interior fabrics and finishes over time. Even in the winter months, it’s paramount to keep the interior clean regularly since even with rubber mats, salt and water erosion can still make a mess.


Eliminate odor– Detailers tackle smells by extracting dirt and grime and then applying an odor eliminator to help target bothersome scents and get rid of them. Air freshener is a temporary fix to mask odors, not remove them as an odor eliminator would.

Exterior Detail Package Includes:

Deep Exterior Clean with spot and scratch free car wash and hand dry with clean, scratch free microfiber towels


Clay Bar Wash and Iron Remover to remove all contaminates embedded in your paint to make it as clean and smooth as possible

Clean and scrub wheel faces, wheel wells, calipers, and tires

All door jams and rear jams are cleaned and detailed 

Tire Dressing for a superior shine or matte finish 

All windows are cleaned for a streak free shine

Super Hydrophobic and gloss enhancing Ceramic Sealant applied to all exterior surfaces including paint, windows, wheels, and trim that lasts up to 12 months

Starting Prices:

Coupe (2 door)- Call for Pricing

Sedan (4 door)- Call for Pricing

SUV/Truck- Call for Pricing


Interior Detailing Package Includes:

All personal items bagged and put in secure location prior to detailing 

Thorough and deep Vacuum cleaning

shampoo, enzyme and stain remover on all floor mats and upholstery

plastic, leather, and vinyl all wiped clean

matte UV protection added to all vinyl and plastic for a new car look

Leather conditioner and protection applied to all seats

Interior and exterior glass cleaned 

Complimentary air freshener 

Starting Prices:


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