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Save money with residential window tinting

Are you tired of paying these high energy bills? Do you want to save money while you help the environment? Window tinting may be the perfect solution for you! Window tinting for your home allows you to save in energy costs and keep your house cool in the summer. Despite the upfront costs, it will save you a great deal of money in the long-term. Read more below to find out about window tinting and how it can save you money!

Window Tinting For Your Home

Firstly, what exactly is window tinting? Window tinting is when you apply a thin film on the inside of your windows. This residential window film blocks harmful UV rays and decreases the amount of heat and glare that comes into your house. Tinting home windows has many benefits. It can provide you with privacy as well as a pleasing design that will accentuate your home’s decor. There are also many monetary benefits to window tinting your home. Check out the list below on the 5 ways window tinting can save you money.

1. Keeps Heat Inside In Winter

Did you know that 25-30% of residential energy usage in winter is due to heat loss via windows? That means almost a third of your utility bill is due to heat escaping from your windows. Window tinting helps prevent this heat loss. It keeps the heat inside your house and, as a result, causes you to use your heater less. This means that window tinting helps reduce your energy bill over winter. This will save you a great deal of money.

2. Keeps Heat Out In Summer

As window tinting keeps heat inside your house in the winter, it also helps keep heat out during summer. Window tinting for your home blocks UV rays and heat from entering your house. Thanks to this window tint, you won’t have to run your AC as much during the summer. This will help you save money and prevent excessive usage of your AC unit. Decreased usage of your AC unit will also help you save money as this will increase the AC unit's lifespan.

3. Cheaper Than New Windows

If you’re experiencing a great deal of heat loss or gain due to your windows, purchasing new energy-efficient windows is a common recommendation. However, purchasing new windows can be extremely expensive. The high cost of buying and installing new windows will typically not give you a return in your investment for 10 or more years. Window tinting is a much cheaper energy-efficient option. You can cut back on your energy costs while not spending an arm and a leg on it.

4. Protects Furniture And Carpet

As the summer sun glares into your house, its harsh rays are slowly damaging your furniture, carpet, rugs, and other furnishings throughout your house. In fact, the sun’s UV rays account for 40-60% of the damage to your furniture over time. Window tinting protects your home’s furniture by blocking the sun’s UV rays. Some window tints can block up to 99% of the UV rays. That means your furniture will remain intact for much longer. You won’t have to spend money on replacing a faded couch every 5 years. This will be a great cost saving for you.

5. Pays For Itself

Window tinting is a great energy-efficient option that has a high rate of return on the investment. In fact, in most situations, the energy savings from window tinting your house will pay for its cost within 3 years. This is a great investment. As mentioned earlier, purchasing new windows would take at least 10 years to break even. You'll have an additional 7 years worth of savings, thanks to these energy efficient window tints.

Save Money Now

Are you looking to stay cool this summer without breaking the bank? If so, you need to check out window tinting for your home.

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