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Ceramic coating and paint protection film (ppf) on a 2021 Tesla model 3

We recently protected a 2021 Tesla model 3 with our ceramic pro ceramic coating and Llumar platinum paint protection.

we installed the paint protection film on the entire front end of the vehicle- full hood, full fenders, bumper, mirrors, rocker panels, and door edges. this combination of a ceramic coating and paint protection film is the ultimate protection you can get to protect your vehicle. the ceramic coating will give you ultimate gloss, hydrophobic effect, corrosion resistance, uv protection, light scratch and scuff resistance, and form a permanent bond with your paint while the paint protection film is going to be scratch resistant, rock and chip resistant, self healing, and have hydrophobic properties.

thank your for trusting us to protect your Tesla investment here at precision tint in Overland Park, KS and ceramic coating and paint protection film needs.

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